Find West Texas Ranches from Junction to Big Bend, TX

West Texas Ranches Land For Sale

View South Texas Ranches For Sale by Evans Ranch Properties, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country

From Junction to Big Bend you will find some of the most interesting and strikingly beautiful landscape in the state. West Texas Ranches have an appeal all their own. Wide open plains with the tail-end of a beautiful mountain range, and some of the most beautiful sunsets that you will ever see.

There are thousands of acres of raw West Texas Ranches for sale from along the Devil's River to the "Door step of the West" just across the Divide. West Texas offers a life style all its own with the influence of the Plains Indian tribes and the resilient people that make this area their home.

Spend one night out on the plains of the West Texas Ranches and you will have seen more stars than in your entire life. It's no accident that the McDonald's Observatory and numerous lesser known telescopes are scattered all over West Texas.

View the guide to West Texas Wildlife identification for Mountain Lions, Javalina, Coyotes, Bobcats, Mule Deer and dozens of other animals, which are rare in other parts of the state, are abundant on the West Texas Ranches. West Texas is a place all its own and as exciting as the legends tell. Rugged beauty mixed with wide open spaces, history, and the adventurous spirit of the Wild West.

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