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Texas Hunting Ranches

Texas Hunting Ranches from Evans Ranch Properties


The fact is that most of us don't know the difference between Guayacan and Cancun; and that's not just a Ranch Broker's inside joke. Knowing can be the difference between a good Texas Hunting Ranches and great South Texas Hunting Ranches. There are a lot of Texas Hunting Ranches For Sale; these are a few of the factors that distinguish a great Game Ranches.

Whitetail rely heavily on natural food sources; and nothing is more desirable to them. Having a good mix of browse, habitat, and plenty of permanent water are the necessary elements for keeping and growing trophy animals on Hunting Ranches in Texas.

When we are on a South Texas Hunting Ranches we look for several key factors.

  • Brush/Browse Diversity: Presence of high protein browse, maturity, height (8ft+), and management. We are looking for Guayacan, Blackbrush, Granjeno, Honey Mesquite and Guajillo.
  • Number and location of permanent water sources. There should be at least one (1) for every 300 acres, spread over the ranch evenly. Water in only one location can cause that area to become over grazed.
  • Habitat and habitat control. Looking for heavy brush cover with sanctuary areas. Habitat control should include roller-chopping to lower the browse line and encourage growth.
  • Population control is a major factor in a ranch successfully producing trophy class animals. We look for signs of over grazing but rely mostly on game counts and surveys. South Texas is the birthplace of Trophy Whitetail Management, and there are literally hundreds of South Texas Hunting Ranches that have been successful with DMP and MLD programs.

Every South Texas Deer Hunting Ranch is different, and depending on the location you will want to look for different things. Different ranches in South Texas will have different browse diversity. There are only three constants in good Hunting Ranches in Texas; food, water, and habitat.

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