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About Our Clients

Evans Ranch Properties Real Estate have been serving the Texas Hill Country for over 30 years. Evans Ranch Properties is a family owned and operated company built on honesty and hard work. We advertise in premier publications all over Texas, have a top viewed website, and travel door to door to find the best deals on the market. Evans Ranch Properties is always one of the top selling real estate companies in the Hill Country area due to our hard work and attention to each customer's unique needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients, find the perfect property that meets their needs and desires, and negotiate the best possible price. We consistently out sell the top real estate companies in the Texas Hill Country. Evans Ranch Properties Real Estate is the company from which you can expect a professional and personal service devoted to your specific needs.

Door to Door

Our Door to Door method is simple; our agents come in contact with as many people, and hopefully future clients, as possible each and every day. This method of finding customers and properties is utilized mostly on the West Coast because of the fast pace and high demand market. Evans Ranch Properties is one of the few Real Estate Companies in the Hill Country area that employs this method. Our agents thoroughly cover entire neighborhoods, knocking on doors trying to find clients and most of all, good deals that are not yet listed on the market. By going to the people instead of waiting for them to call, we are always the first to know what is about to enter the market, and best of all, we find the investment deals everyone is looking for! Not only do we use this method of finding the best deals in residential areas, but we also use it in commercial, farm, and ranch properties as well. We have found our door to door method is an essential part of any successful real estate company, and attribute it to the great measurable successes Evans Ranch Properties has become known for.

Buyers Representation Agreement

As our client, you can count on us to give our best effort to acquire the property you are looking for. Our loyalty and efforts are directed towards obtaining the best possible benefit for you, the buyer. We put in the time to research what constitutes good deal for each possible transaction, then we go to work to find you the best possible deal on the current market. In addition, in most cases the seller will be responsible for paying us any commission. As buyers agent, we are not trying to sell you on any one property, but instead we will present complete information so that you will be fully informed and in control of all decisions. You can feel confident Evans Ranch Properties will always have your best interest at heart.

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